Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Personal Emergency Car Kit

Now that I have kids, I have a lot of shit I need to haul around. 

My purse, a diaper bag, The Good Daughter's backpack, my pump. This is just a normal day. In the course of a normal day it is also not unreasonable for TGH to need some tissues or her hair brushed and for me to need deodorant, since for some strange reason post-pregnancy, I am forgetting to put it on in the morning.

So instead of carrying all that shit around in my purse or have it split between the diaper bag and my purse and my pump bag and TGD's backpack, I decided to make a kit for the car full of things we need in the event of a personal emergency.

I started with an empty wipes container. They purty them up now, so I had one with flowers on it. I did glue the pop-up lid shut and painted it with some left over paint I had from making my organization board.

Then I filled that fucker with everything I could think of when dealing with personal emergencies.

I included:

Travel wet wipes
Hand sanitizer
Pain relief antiseptic spray
Heartburn meds
Contact case filled with solution
Mini nail kit
Lip balm
Hair tie and hair clip
Cotton swabs
Lint roller
Eye drops 

Now when I am bribing TGD with cookies to be good while I load the groceries in the car and she gets chocolate all over herself, I can wipe her down with a wet wipe before she gets it all over the car. Or when I have to go to a last minute work meeting and realize I now have dog hair all over my ass, I can use the lint roller to look semi-decent before I meet with clients.

I got most of the supplies at the travel section at Target {where I love to hold all the tiny stuff and pretend I am a fucking giant} for less than $15.

I think I included everything I would need in the event of a zombieless emergency, but if you can think of something just let me know.


Unknown said...

Love it!!! I am definitely going to use your idea! That is perfect!!!

kylee said...

What about some non-perishable snacks? A ziplock of cheerios? Or some kind of "bar" for you (aka luna bar)

The Good Wife said...

Kiwi, that is a good idea. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Tampons/other "girly crap" :)

Munchkin Momma said...

Oh I love you for your uncensoredness! And I have a box like this in my car too! Add stuff for your period and earrings and we'd have the same box! I like crazy earring but occasionally I have to go somewhere that they aren't appropriate for so I keep a pair of plain studs in there. I have a snack box too with trail mix, dehydrated fruit and granola bars.

LSB2832 said...

I detest your "uncensoredness". Seems to me a writer could think of words that are not profane. However, I realize it's your right to write like a longshoreman so I won't be back and I'll recommend that my friends with sensibilities stay away from your blog.

The Good Wife said...

LSB2832: I'm sorry if my profanity is a turn off. My mom says I shouldn't use it too, so you are in good company. :)

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

TFS! I am cleaning out my car now that spring is coming up and "my car kit" is missing half the stuff I had in it! I am in the process of making another one but completely forgot what I had in it lol.

I loved your blog, including the F words! It gives me a break and a laugh.