Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dresser Organization - Kid Edition

I talked about how I organize The Good Son's room here. So far the room is sparse but functional. I mentioned that this time around I actually had something that doubled as a changing table. With The Good Daughter, I just changed her on the floor but I am too old for that shit now.

So I knew as soon as I got pregnant, after the "OH HOLY FUCK!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!" shock wore off, I needed something for storage. Since I had been watching too many episodes of Mad Men, I also knew I wanted something mid century style.

But thanks to Mad Men, anyone listing something they knew as mid century on craigslist also knew they could up the price. I searched for months and months trying to find something that was wide enough to fit a changing pad and tall enough to not break my back and cheap enough to not drain the bank account.

The trick was to find something listed as retro, vintage, or old since the seller probably didn't know what they had. I found this dresser for $40 from a girl that was moving out of town and didn't want to move it. We did have to drive 50 minutes to get it, but I think it was worth it.

It has so much storage and is super cute.

Since it doubles as a changing pad, I like to keep all of the diaper stuff within reach, in the first row of drawers.

Diapers, wipes and covers

More diapers

The top drawer also had this super cool divider. I use it to organize spit up rags, socks and shoes, hats, bibs and mittens.

The next row of drawers contains all the clothes for TGS.

Starting from the left and working to the right, I have the clothes organized by size.

9-12 months

6-9 and 3-6


And so I and The Good Husband can tell what from what, I labeled everything. So TGH knows where the jammies are vs. the onsies.

The bottom drawers contain the things we don't use all that often.

Extra sheets and mattress pads

Receiving blankets and towels

Diapers for when he is bigger

When TDS is out of prefolds and covers in the next month or so, that will leave me an entire drawer to fill with the clothes I know he will get at Christmas. Meanwhile, the old clothes get washed, folded and packed away.

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