Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Budget Worksheet - Online Bill Pay Checklist

This is the second post in a series on the new budget worksheets I have created that will soon be available in my Etsy Shop.

I talked here about how I handle bill paying. It's a weekly process where I balance the books, write the checks and pay the bills online. Like most people, I imagine, a good portion of these bills are paid online. A good way to track all that is to use this tracker.

The tracker has spaces for the date the bill was paid, the bill, how it was paid (bank online bill pay vs company website), the amount, the reference/confirmation number and a spot for reconciliation.  

For me, the best feature of this tracker is the reference/confirmation number. Most of the time, I don't bother to print the confirmation page to help save the environment. Besides, most of the time I get a confirmation email anyway with the information included. But, my inbox is a hot fucking mess. I have 1000+ UNREAD emails in my primary email inbox alone. Shit. So having this tracker keeps me from having to sort through the piles of emails in my inbox.

If you have a lot of accounts that you pay online, you can use one sheet per account. Or if you are like me, you would save paper and use one sheet for the entire year. It might end up being two sheets at the end of the year, but that's okay.

Tomorrow I cover how to keep track of daily expenses.

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