Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monster Birthday Bash! The Good Son turns ONE!

This post will be photo heavy, so excuse me as I slip into my attention whore panties.

I have had the pleasure of throwing four fabulous birthday parties for The Good Daughter, and I discover every time that I both love and hate it.

As an anal retentive, can't-see-the-forrest-for-the-trees type of person, I get caught up in the little things and love to make sure everything is matchy, matchy, fits the theme. And as a perfectionist, I kill myself to make everything as perfect as humanly possible, all while knowing I will never, ever get it the way I want.

But this year I was able to relax and enjoy everything. The meds must have kicked in. The theme for this year was Little Cute Monsters, since that's what The Good Son basically is.

I decorated the house with my standard door decor, pom poms and streamers.

We had a bounce house for the kids, as well as a wading pool and a monster can toss.

I continued the monster theme with cutouts for the tent and balloons in the party colors.

Pom Pom Monsters decorated the house.

As for the food, we had chips and dip, veggie pizza, fruit and dip, sandwiches, mac and cheese and deviled eggs.

I got cutesy as fuck with the theme and made eyeball toothpicks for the fruit tray. 

And made a monster box to hold the forks.

I also made a monster cake that featured eyeball cake pops. And try as I might, it was far from perfect.

TGS got his own smash cake.

I made monster treat bags for all the kids.

Each bad contained a monster sticker sheet, monster bouncy ball, monster duck and monster magnet craft.

The kids also got to adopt a monster plush.

 TGS was skeptical at first, unsure about the whole gift thing.

But soon enough, he warmed up to the idea.

Once we started to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, he was downright thrilled. 

And then cake happened.  

Overall it was an amazing day. All of the older kids were able to play on the swing set and in the bounce house and in the wading pools. The weather wasn't hot as fuck. Everyone was able to fill up on sugar and food and Holden felt the love of his amazing family.

Happy Birthday my little monster!!

~supply list~
Invitation: designed by me with clipart from Cloud Street Lab on Etsy
Decorations, food, cake and treat bags: made by me, inspired by Pinterest
Treat bag contents and plush monsters: Oriental Trading Co.


miamihoney said...

Looks like an amazing party, all of the monster touches were so cute. Your little one is a real cutie@

mogwaibond said...

What a great party! Thanks for posting. A quick question: please, how did you make your eyeball picks? Thank you!

The Good Wife said...

To make the toothpicks i just hot glued googly eyes i bought at the craft store on to the ends of the toothpicks. Just be careful since i got like a million glue burns.