Monday, June 24, 2013

Rainbow Fest! The Good Daughter Turns 4

Hi my name is SarahBeth and I love to throw parties. I had two kids, just so I would have an excuse to make cakes and decorate shit. You are free to gawk at my obsession.

This year, The Good Daughter wanted a rainbow birthday party. It might have something to do with all the My Little Pony she has been watching, since Rainbow Dash is her favorite pony. Or it could have been the Pride Parade I have taken her to every year since she was born. I knew they would rub off on her. ;)

I will admit that when she told me her theme, my cold, small heart grew three sizes. I have loved rainbows since I was little. It was all the Lisa Frank. I am sure. So I loved the chance to have rainbows all over the house. And I got to get my craft on, which I love.

This year is a bit different than anything I have ever done for TGD ever. See, she and The Good Son have birthdays exactly two weeks apart. For the last three years, Abby's birthdays have been huge family affairs. Everyone comes and eats and hangs out and then a week later at the annual 4th of July family reunion, I give them all their thank yous.

This year was just a cake and ice cream party for Abby with the grandparents, since Holden (TGS) will have the BIG birthday this year. The plan is to alternate BIG parties with cake and ice cream ones until the kids can tell me what they want and hopefully, have some join pool parties or some shit.

Presenting - Rainbow Fest!!! Thanks Pinterest!

My shitty attempt at a cool background. FAIL.

Easy streamer and tissue paper decorations.

Welcome sign with more streamers.

b/c I have to have food to match the theme - a plate of rainbow veggies (tomatoes, carrots, pepper, cucumber, olives) and dip (not pictured), color goldfish, chips and dip and chocolate roll out cookies

rainbow roll out cookies, chips and dip and rainbow fruit (strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew, blueberries and grapes)

rainbow cake

I made a wand for the Birthday Girl, which she loved, along with the cookies.

For the first time ever, she loved her party, since she knew it was all about her. You can't help but love her little face as we sang Happy Birthday to her.

She didn't even mind the shitty icing job I did on her cake.

Happy 4th Birthday, Big Girl. You are my rainbow.


Eric Erlacher said...

How did you create the cloud/streamer welcome sign with her name. This is exactly what I'm looking for my daughters 5th birthday. I haven't been able to find anything similar on etsy. Thank you!! Melissa Erlacher -

benilhalk said...

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