Thursday, October 16, 2014

Snack Stations {Update}

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Children are bottomless pits that seem to need food every hour. Or at least they complain they need food every hour. And I am lazy. I don't want to have to slice an apple every few hours so the two trolls that live with me will stop whining about food.

I've had these snack stations for a while but with The Good Daughter in kindy (OMGFTWBBQ!!!), I've had to update the snacks and keep them filled more often. Both she and The Good Son are allowed to eat anything in the fridge station without asking but there is a 2 piece limit on the pantry station.

So just what do these things contain? Just take a look and then join me on the lazy mom couch. I have wine.

This station is limited to two per day since they contain:
~fruit snacks
~fruit leather
~animal crackers
~goldfish crackers
~raisins (one kid likes them cold and one likes them room temp. freaks, I tell 'ya)
~granola bars

On Sunday, after grocery shopping, I load the box up and it should last all week and then some.

As part of our school routine, TGD gets to pick out one snack to take with her to school the next day. Pulling out the box and letting her choose is less work for me and leads to less fighting b.c TGD can have some independence. What did I say? I am L A Z Y

This is the fridge station. You can see it in action here.

I try and keep drinks in here for the kids. This week The Good Husband, bless his heart, bought shitty Horizon milk. I try and have organic juice boxes.

I also keep the cold snacks in reusable snack bags. It seems to help encourage the kids to eat the veggies and fruit I keep in there when they are in fun bags.

The fridge station contains:
~baby carrots
~snap peas
~cheese sticks

Again, every Sunday, I slice veggies and fruits and fill the box. This box tends to last longer since they mainly eat out of it on the weekends. 

So snack stations = lazy parenting FTW

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