Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Good Son Turns 2

So, The Good Son turned two over the summer. We had a cake and ice cream party. I have heard that the second kid always gets the shaft. 

Sorry about that kiddo. 

Actually, I try and alternate having one "big" party for the kids and this year was The Good Daughter's turn. Since TGD's birthday is at the end of June and TGS's is just two weeks later (to the date) AND 4th of July is squeezed between the two, I was a little over party planning. 

I know, I need to get my head checked.

I still managed to make a cute little set up for TGS, though. One of his first words was "car" so that dictated the theme.

Another shitty frosting job on the cake, but it was cute nonetheless.

And I created a banner and cars from generic clipart.

I wanted something colorful and bold for a boy.

I mean, look at that face.

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!

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Dawn @ Twenty63 said...

He is adorable! Such a cute cake. My son turns 2 in six months and I currently trying to figure out what his "theme" will be! :)