Friday, July 18, 2008

The Good Wife Guide . . .to Cleaning

In my youthful days I was a bit messy. But every Good Wife needs to have a system in place to keep the house clean. Here is TGW's Fail-Proof Cleaning System:

Monday: Wash all the whites
Tuesday: Wash all the darks; take out the trash
Wednesday: Wash all the towels; vacuum
Thursday: Wash all the sheets
Friday: Clean the bathroom
Saturday: Dust the house; vacuum; mop the bathroom floors and kitchen floors; clean the kitchen counters, sink, oven and microwave; clean all mirrors; take out the trash
Sunday: REST and RELAX

To Do Everyday:
~Sweep and Swiffer Wet Jet the kitchen and bathroom floors before you go to bed
~Wipe out the bathroom sink and kitchen sink in the morning with a Clorox wipe (they are awesome)
~Make sure everything is put away were it belongs (I do this room to room before bed)
~After dinner, wipe down the kitchen counters, stove, microwave and table
~Do the dishes
~Make the bed
~Microwave the sponge you clean with in the microwave on high for one minute. This will kill the bacteria!~

To Do Every Two Weeks:
~Shake out area rugs and doormats outdoors before vacuuming
~Vacuum furniture (underneath the cushions too)

To Do Monthly:
~Clean the inside of the refrigerator
~Clean window surfaces
~Wash out kitchen trash container and surrounding area
~Clean the stove
~Clean baseboards, dust blinds and vacuum curtains
~Change or clean filters on heating and cooling systems

To Do Every Six Months: Flip mattresses


annie said...

These are great tips! Maybe instead of me doing this, do you want to come over?

The Good Wife said...

LOL I have thought about starting a cleaning service, but that is hard work and I think I would get grossed out my other people's dirt. Not your, but the people on "How Clean is Your House?", that has mold growing in their showers. Blech!