Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've been tagged

I was tagged by my friend, Brooke from Artfully Disheveled.

The rules of this tagging are to name seven weird or strange things about you. Here goes:

1. As a kid I had an unhealthy paranoia about natural disasters, especially earthquakes. I watched a made for tv movie about earthquakes as a child that predicted the New Madrid Fault, near where I lived at the time, would have a 9.9 earthquake in the next 10 years. I was so unnerved by this that I made my mom setup an earthquake disaster plan, I learned how to shut off the gas lines if need be and we made an earthquake preparedness kit.

This year was the first time I was in an earthquake. It happened in the middle of the night and I thought it was just the wind blowing.

2. I now have an almost unhealthy paranoia about zombies. The said earthquake preparedness kit has since been dubbed the "zombie attack survival" kit in The Good Household. The Good Husband and I joke about escape plans and survival tips when we get bored.

3. My mom has only cooked for me 4 times in my entire life and she has given me food poisoning 3 times. Never again will I eat egg salad.

4. I collect hippos. My collection consists mostly of stuffed hippos but I have clothes, picture frames and salt and pepper shakers.

5. On our honeymoon in Hawaii, TGH and I swam with sharks. In order to get the best pictures of the sharks with the underwater camera, I stuck my entire arm out of the protective cage but I wouldn't stand on the cage for fear the sharks would eat my toes.

6. I cannot allow my foods to touch each other on the plate. I make separate piles for each food and then I eat them one at a time. So typically, I have to eat all my potatoes before I eat my beans, before I eat my meat. If there are two food items in a dinner that have a sauce with them (mashed taters and gravy and broccoli and cheese) I can only have one on my plate. The other I have to have in a bowl.

7. The only pet I have ever own was a sea monkey. TGH was in charge of feeding them and overfed them until all but one died. We name him George. One day we woke up and George had giant balls. I mean, in proportion to his body, they were like 25% the size of him. I always got a kick out of him swimming around the tank with these giant balls. Then one day we woke up and the tank was filled with baby sea monkeys, so we figured George was not a boy. I still have no idea what the balls were for then.

I am not tagging anyone since everyone I know with a blog as already been tagged.


Heidi said...

I refuse to eat my mother's cooking because she has given me food poisoning twice already. I'm glad I'm not the only one who suffered through childhood stomach pumpings.

Ms. Foodie said...

I don't like my food to touch either! Esp. pancakes and eggs.

Alicia said...

OMG- I totally had the same earthquake expereince as you. I thought I was the only one. My trigger was Los Angles Earthquake movie which had me scared to do anything ( including sleep or bathe) for almost six months. I watched the movie in October/November and was in an earthquake in April ( go figure). I wrote it all in my diary which is hilarious to go back in read. Lots of I hate earthquakes in all caps.
I also don't like my food to touch, unless I do it.