Monday, August 9, 2010

First Trip to the Zoo

We were going to go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday but instead I read in the paper our local zoo was having a ceremonial stroller walk for World Breastfeeding Week. I thought it would be nice to go, to show support for the lost art of breastfeeding, to celebrate the 11 months I nursed and pumped and to see the animals.

The Good Baby had a great time.

She got to see some animals like this African deer.

She also got to see goats in the petting zoo area. At first she wasn't sure about the goats but the were incredibly tame from being around people. They were very gentle, but persistent, when eating from your hand.

And I do mean persistent. This guy nibbled on my shirt until I gave him something to eat.

The Good Baby wasn't scared at all, which I love how fearless she is.

Our next big first with TGB will be going to the State Fair. I cannot wait.

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Mrs. Tasha said...

I nominated you for an award over at my blog! :)