Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trip to the Farmer's Market #2

This was the first time I could get to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Last Saturday I had a wedding in St. Louis, so there was no time to run to the market before getting on the road. However, last Saturday, The Good Daughter and I got up early and headed out.

There are some new vendors this season. This is a stand that makes fresh omelets using ingredients from other vendors. They also have one main dish. Last week it was tofu tacos. The line was super long so TGD didn't get a chance to try it. Hopefully next week we can.


Baked Goods

Mixed Greens

Greens and herbs. This is actually the stand run by our CSA farmers, so they get to see me twice a week. I know they love it.

Canned Goods


Overall it was a good day. It didn't seem as crowded as it normally is and some booths seemed to be missing. But TGD and I did get there later than we normally go, so that might be one reason. We also got rained on, which sucked. However, we also got to pet a baby sheep. So overall it was a win.

I came away with pecans, rhubarb, strawberries, treats for The Good Dog - a first, since we got Foxy in March - and pineapple salsa.

I plan on making strawberry rhubarb pie this week. I might also attempt butter pecan ice cream.

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