Monday, November 25, 2013

Mid Century Makeover

The Good Son's room was a hot mess. Remember? We had the home computer in there for god knows what reason. But TGS is getting bigger and he needs his own space. So we wanted to move the computer into the living room and give TGS more storage in his room and space to play.

I had gone hunting for the perfect dresser for him when I was pregnant and found a mid century beauty on Craigslist and snapped it up. But then I never turned off the RSS feed so I get daily updates on all the mid century stuff listed from here to St. Louis. And I just happened to find this cute little bookcase from a local resale store. So I packed the kids up, got lost trying to find the place and the stored the bookcase in my garage for a few months.

aw, look at 50 years of dust. you will get another 50 years worth here, little one

It was a little shakey and the back had come loose in the move so I decided to remove the backing panel and make a new one. But not just any new one - a cool, awesome, vintage-y new one. So I ordered a vintage world map from Amazon and Mod Podged that bitch on.

And this is what the bookcase looks like now. Sweet, huh?

I used Mod Podge Hard for furniture and just slapped the coats on. I did 3 coats before I added some concentrated tea to the glue to help give the map that old, yellowed look. I did three more coats of the glue/tea combo before 1 final coat of just glue.

Then I nailed everything together with the help of The Good Daughter. The bookcase is solid now, with no movement. The shelf is more stable too. Overall I am over the fucking moon for this.

Before, all of TGS's toys were stacked on top of the dresser, which is ok in photos, but try and change a 16 month old on that without him knocking all the shit over. Not good. He needed more storage.

And just look at TGS's room now. I moved the dresser to the spot of the former computer and put the bookcase under the window. I filled it with all of TGS's toys which get them the hell out of the living room.

Everything is nice and neat. There is a spot for everything and everything is out for easy access.

Look at how awesome it is. There is so much room for more books, my personal favorite. I can't wait until Santa Grammy and Papa help fill this up this Christmas.

I can't believe that I have actually "refinished" some furniture now. Like a fucking adult. I feel so grown up.  


maria smith said...

I love that shelf make over! So creative! I'm working on getting my home that organized. :) My cleaning service will be extremely happy when I figure it out!

Disneypal said...

That looks fantastic - love the addition of the world map.