Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 - A year I didn't shut the hell up

It seems like now is the time when everyone likes to recap the year and make a list of hopeful goals for the coming months. I do have some big plans for the next year but I will save that for upcoming posts.

So now, let's take a look back, shall we, in the same way that we watch the VH1 top 100 of the year and say," 'Sing' by My Chemical Romance came out a year ago? It seems soooooo long ago."

 In January I talked about my kid and how I am fat. Not spectacular.

In February I made a list of all the ways you can be environmentally friendly while having a kid.

In March I remade mashed cauliflower, with better success.

April saw everyone lose their motherfuckin shit in the face of the looming government shutdown.

In May I created a series of Household Binder, aka The Brains of the Operation posts which everyone seemed to love. I posted about Party Planning and Menus and Shopping Lists and Daily and Weekly Dockets and Important Account Numbers and Contact Lists and Cleaning Schedules and a Calendar and a Budget Worksheet and an Automobile Log.
Heading into June, I almost lost my motherfuckin shit as The Good Daughter turned two!

In July I made some kick ass pretzel bites. Thank you Pinterest!

August made my ass get fatter (you knew I wouldn't keep up with the fat camp, didn't you?) when I made twice baked 'tater casserole.

In September I coped with the stress of my last semester in grad school with a sweet grilled cheese

And I swallowed that bitch down with some copycat Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets.

In October I revealed that Target is crack for suburban chicks

In November I talked about my CSA. Again.

And finally, in December, I generally slacked off while finishing up school and posted about this mushroom and leek gratin.

It looks like 2011 was the year when I didn't know when to shut the hell up and to date, was the most post-whoreish. I hope that is a good thing. I can't make any promises that 2012 will be just as exciting, but I hope it will be. I have so much to post about if only I can find the motivation.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who has read anything on this little dog and pony show. Most of the time I imagine writing these words and sending them out into the great black void of The Internets. But the fact that I do have and continue to get readers amazes me everyday. Thank you guys for being awesome!

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Miss Patricia. said...

K, first of all:

"April saw everyone lose their motherfuckin shit in the face of the looming government shutdown."

I cracked up so hard. I love your tone of voice when writing, I'd so read a book by you just because you're so hilarious. And that sweet grilled cheese makes me really really want to have a foodgasm. Must make it.

Thanks for sharing this awesome post!!!