Saturday, August 2, 2008

Trip to the Farmer's Market #2

One of the things I love about summer is the Farmer's Market. Our city has two different Farmer's Markets; one on Saturday and one on Thursday. While some vendors sell at both, the one on Saturday is the longer running market and tends to have more selections.


Basil, Caesar and Serata - Dog treats

Okra and blackberries - Peaches

Chard and Carrots - Peppers and Turnips

We all can't be big, perfect and pretty. We like to be small, rough and ugly Heirloom Tomatoes

White Turnips - My haul

I took home some baby Yukon Gold potatoes, Calhoun peaches, green tomatoes, a cucumber, Kilbourn cantaloupe, Thai basil, Country French bread and candies pecans.
On the menu for this week:
~Buttered, Herbed Potatoes


annie said...

So, I'm coming over for dinner every night.

Great pictures, too!

Amanda said...

wow- what a great farmer's market. I wish we had something that awesome near us.